Press Forward Information Session: Open Call on Closing Local Coverage Gaps

May 16, 2024

Press Forward’s first open call will address the longstanding inequalities in journalism coverage and practice in the U.S., by investing in small, local newsrooms that provide original reporting in underserved communities

Through this Open Call on Closing Local Coverage Gaps, at least 100 newsrooms will receive around $100,000 each over two years in unrestricted funds. News organizations with budgets of up to $1 million are eligible.

In the U.S., the news media has not adequately represented, reached nor uplifted the voices of under-represented groups in their coverage. As a result, entire communities are left out of the conversation on the issues that most affect their lives, resulting in lower levels of voting and civic engagement, deeper polarization and a higher cost for government services.

Press Forward wants to ensure that local coverage meets the needs of communities of color, linguistically diverse communities, low-wealth rural communities, and others not adequately served, reached or represented. This open call offers funding to smaller news organizations that are providing the hyperlocal, original reporting people need to make important decisions.

Start the application process by reviewing these program guidelines.

Then, apply for funding here.

The application closes at 11:59 p.m. ET/ 8:59 PT on June 12, 2024.

Press Foward is a national initiative to strengthen communities by revitalizing local news.