Relevant Point: Find alternative places for conversation

Tom Silvestri

Jul 14, 2020

Downes is a producer at WFTV in Orlando, Florida.

If you need added proof that Twitter is a popular hangout for journalists, check out the string of comments prompted by TV news guy Zachary Downes' question posted on July 12:

Why did you become a journalist? Wrong answers only.

When I last checked Twitter, retweets had soared passed 3,100 and likes exceeded 2,300. Downes is a producer at WFTV in Orlando, Florida. 
Some answers are funny. ("To marry a member of Congress?" "Couldn't do enough math to be a meteorologist." "A glass of wine can change a lot of things.") References to pay, hours, complainers, social media, and wealth dominate the responses. 
In a pandemic, you gotta find alternative places when the bars and restaurant remain closed. And where to attempt a conversation. Or draw a crowd.