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The Relevance Project by Tom Silvestri

Tom Silvestri, most recently president and publisher of the Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch, is the executive director of the Relevance Project, the joint effort of the Newspaper Association Managers strengthen the industry’s unique role as the provider of quality journalism and the keeper of public forums for thousands of communities across the continent. NAM is a group of state, regional and national press associations across the U.S. and Canada.

Lynne Lance on her second family

Lynne Lance says she dislikes talking about herself. But she eventually agreed to participate in this month’s Relevance Project ⁠— an initiative of Newspaper Association Managers whose ...

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3-Part Promotional Series: News Brands Outperform

Newspaper advertising effectiveness is universal, so that's why we are sharing benchmark research from an Australian cooperative of publishers, ThinkNewsBrands, that also appeared as an E&P magazine ...

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Newspapers raise their IQ with strategic newsletters

Newsletters are a newspaper’s best friend. They can be reliable, flexible, supportive, interesting and, depending on the situation, an uplifting personality to hang around.

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It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… content marketing!

Branded content is now big business, championed by an initiative called, what else, The Branded Content Project.

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Oh, Canada, we cheer your SPOT fake news campaign

The drill, according to its creators, is to ask four questions when you SPOT or suspect questionable news and information online. 

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There’s an art to building lasting customer relationships

Robert M. Williams Jr. offered homespun advice during the National Newspaper Association’s annual conference earlier this month and invited his colleagues pictured in the little screens to add more.

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Relevance Project releases 'Revenue Resource 2020'

The Newspaper Association Managers' Relevance Project today released the extensive Revenue Resource 2020 to assist newspapers in aiding businesses of all sorts during the problematic pandemic. 

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Pulse Research shares a ranking of business categories doing well despite COVID-19

Our friend Sammy Papert at Pulse Research shares a ranking of business categories that are doing well despite COVID-19. These should be on every advertising staff's prospect list for businesses that want ...

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There’s a good reason to tell the stories of harm caused by social media

Newspaper stories documenting harm can help persuade lawmakers and regulators that the disruptive innovators are responsible for damage as they make millions on shiny new products that they apparently ...

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Publishers remain resilient

If you think weekly newspapers believe digital dollars are their meal ticket, think again. Revenue still rests largely with print advertising. Even during a pandemic. And don’t get any wrong ideas. ...

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Grant programs help local businesses, keep newspapers going

The pandemic has ushered in what is essentially a matching program to convince local advertisers to stay in newspapers and on their websites. In turn, the newspapers smartly tout their products as marketing ...

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Fight fear and negativity with positive points — and, oh yes, facts

When it comes to local news and advertising, we're the best, most trusted medium. And we've proven our worth for many, many years. 

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Relevant Point: Find alternative places for conversation

When I last checked Twitter, retweets had soared passed 3,100 and likes exceeded 2,300. Downes is a producer at WFTV in Orlando, Florida. 

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Turning bye back to a buy: never give up

Be thorough in constructing both sides of the departure: put yourself in the shoes of the advertiser and list its known reasons; then, hear out your ad team, especially the sales representative assigned ...

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