TownNews introduces NewsGigs to connect journalism professionals with open local media opportunities

Aug 14, 2020

NewsGigs enables journalists, editors, photographers and other media pros to quickly find opportunities with local media outlets in need of skilled freelance, part-time and full-time help.

MOLINE, Illinois – The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world economy, touching nearly every industry. Local media organizations, including newspapers, TV and radio broadcasters, and digital pure plays, have been especially impacted, leaving large numbers of journalists, editors, photographers, videographers and other media professionals looking for new career opportunities or freelance gigs.

TownNews, in partnership with Moonlighting, has kicked off a new site — NewsGigs ( — that helps media professionals promote themselves and search for quality jobs. NewsGigs falls under the company's News Nirvana program, which acts as an incubator for digital news start-ups in communities that lack local reporting.

"Our goal with the News Nirvana initiative is to see hundreds of news sites flourish in news deserts across the country," said Rick Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer at TownNews. "NewsGigs dovetails perfectly with this project by making it easier for digital newsrooms to staff up, and helping media pros connect with organizations in need of their unique skills."

NewsGigs enables job seekers to create free profiles showcasing their expertise, education, and experience. When using NewsGigs, local media professionals can set their own rates, connect directly with hiring managers, and send invoices and receive credit card payments via the Moonlighting platform.

"We're glad to play a role in helping provide journalists and news-related workers with a platform to manage and find work," said Jeff Tennery, CEO & Co-Founder of Moonlighting. "Independent and freelance work is on the rise and Moonlighting is all about proving a frictionless marketplace for skilled service providers and those seeking to get jobs done."

NewsGigs isn't just for job seekers. Local news organizations looking to hire can post jobs or freelance opportunities on NewsGigs and search for journalism professionals to fill their open positions.

According to Rogers, NewsGigs is another way that TownNews is helping the news industry stay healthy during an exceptionally challenging time.

"People who are highly skilled in journalism's core disciplines need easier ways to find gigs in their field, and that's what NewsGigs is here to do," Rogers said. "We don't want to see our best journalists moving on to greener pastures in other areas.

"The news industry is experiencing a sea change, but quality journalism will always be needed in a functioning democracy."

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