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First Five by the Freedom Forum Institute

The First Amendment protects five core freedoms that are under attack every day — from the left, the right, and everywhere in between. First Five strives to foster interest in First Amendment news and provide a platform for discussion among enthusiasts and activists. Column is available weekly for NNA member newspapers to reprint. 

‘Be nice’ is not needed during crisis — but a free press is

“Be nice” — two words not found anywhere among the 45 words of the First Amendment. Also not found: “positive,” or “get ya” or “trust.”

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Can religious freedom survive COVID-19?

As a child, I attended weekend classes at our local synagogue to learn about Judaism. I remember one lesson above all from those years: past Jewish experience of pogroms and the Holocaust demands that ...

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In crisis times, balancing safety and freedom

In times of crisis, safety and freedom may seem like they’re at odds with each other. A society that respects individual liberty can’t implement the same kinds of drastic laws and policies ...

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Conditions of possibility for religious freedom

Americans sometimes assume they are equipped with everything they need — laws, policies and cultural norms — to exercise their right to religious freedom. But is that true? What circumstances ...

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The First Amendment protects activities adjacent to voting, but stops short of voting itself

The First Amendment protects your right to express yourself freely. While you can do a lot of different things with that freedom, its highest purpose, and the reason that the Constitution's framers ...

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