Boost ad sales with latest 'Relevant' research

Oct 1, 2021

A new six-part promotional series is available to local publishers eager to tout how newspapers' multigenerational readership is a lucrative target for advertisers.
The promotions are free to use from The Relevance Project, which teamed up with the research firm Coda Ventures, seven newspaper trade associations and Metro Creative Graphics to produce them.

Series I of the "All!!! Ages Read Newspapers" presents research pinpointing impressive use of newspaper content by three generations: Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

Series II offers another three promotions, specifically for social media use, that link eye-opening income, education and homeownership factors to newspaper readership.

Download all six promotions by going to the bottom of The Relevance Project Revenue Resource section at

The new series is part of The Relevance Project's mission of helping community newspapers and their trade associations tell valuable stories about the power of newspapers to provide print, digital and social solutions to advertisers, marketers and sponsors.

For a fuller explanation of the series, check out this Relevant Point by Executive Director Tom Silvestri at


We keep hearing that “only old people read newspapers.” That’s partly correct. Readers 65 and older are loyalists.

But junk the “only.”

Coda’s research shows the two other age categories collectively covering 18 to 64 are well represented.