Innocode tool brings social media posts regarding COVID-19 to local media websites

Mar 30, 2020

In this period of uncertainty and rapidly changing local information needs both from government and local businesses, Innocode’s Local Offers/Shop Local really shines.

Developed as a tool to help local newspapers bring back advertising lost to Facebook and other social media, Local Offers brings these social media posts back to the local newspaper, where they are displayed in widgets on newspaper websites. Here is an example from The Photo News, owned by Straus News:

The service, sold on a subscription basis to local businesses, is up and running in a day, and is then managed by the businesses themselves. They decide which social media posts are displayed in the widget at any given time and can switch posts/ads in minutes.

In the current crisis, we have seen a rapidly growing number of advertisers using the service to update their customers on things like opening hours, home delivery options etc., and the tool works great for this.

An NNA media member can easily offer it as a public service to local government, businesses and organizations, enabling them to instantly reach the community through the extensive reach of their local media company.

Innocode is currently offering Local Offers/Shop Local at 50% off to NNA members. Please contact Steinar Bjornsen for more information:, (415) 351-8515.