LEGISLATIVE ALERT — Please call your senators and representatives NOW

Tonda Rush

May 6, 2020

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Ask Congress to extend the PPP and allow newspapers to spend part of the Paycheck Protection loans on printing and production. Also, secure federal ad dollars!
Congress is working this week on the next version of the Paycheck Protection Program loans to repair gaps left by previous versions. Being considered are three provisions that NNA supports:

  • Allowing businesses a longer time frame to spend the money. Newspapers need flexibility to spend some of the payroll money after businesses have begun to open up. Congress is considering allowing businesses to keep their cash longer so they still have operating funds to restart.
  • Giving newspapers and other businesses more flexibility in how money is spent. Currently 25% of a forgivable loan may go to rent, utilities and mortgage interest.  Newspapers and other manufacturing businesses need to spend some of their forgivable PPP funds on their printing and production costs.
  • Requiring federal agencies with advertising budgets to direct their spending to local news organizations, particularly in rural areas.

NNA is receiving encouraging feedback from Congressional offices that have heard from community newspapers.  The NNA Congressional Action Team is doing a terrific job. But don’t think that just because you contacted a Member of Congress once that your message has stuck.  Some offices are just beginning to decide which options to back and which to oppose.
Now is the time to check back once again and make sure your Congressional delegation knows how important your newspaper is during this challenging time.
Below is a useful article from Politico summing up the state of play in Congress. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/05/small-business-relief-238995