Through the viewfinder — Second Quarter 2021

Apr 1, 2021

A group finishes out their basketball game in the rain as a storm begins its move through Janesville on Tuesday evening. (Anthony Wahl | Janesville (Wisconsin) Gazette)
Patty Langston reveals her emotions about the day’s events related to the sudden hail storm in Lawrence County. (Gina Langston | Greenfield (Missouri) Vedette)
Using all the angles, Centralia’s Weston Ward, right, and Hallsville’s Paxton Martin vie for position. (James Smith | Centralia (Missouri) Fireside Guard)

Winning photographs in the Second Quarter 2021 Pub Aux Photo contest captured big storms — both the weather kind and the strong competition kind.


Anthony Wahl of the Janesville (Wisconsin) Gazette, took first place in the Features category for the striking capture of friends competing as a storm begins.

James Smith of the Centralia (Missouri) Fireside Guard captured first place Sports photo for this perfectly-timed shot of athletes vying for top position.

Gina Langston of the Greenfield (Missouri) Vedette captured first place in the News category for this emotional shot post-storm.

The first-place winners in each category receive personalized coffee mugs featuring a winning photo or a print of their photo.

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