Top advertisers to call right now

Apr 30, 2020

By Matt Coen
President & Co-Founder | Second Street

In a downturn, we’ve historically seen advertisers shift their dollars into promotions. Start having these conversations with advertisers now.

Our partners are seeing these conversations go much better when you go in with a mindset of helping your advertisers solve their problems. Once you understand their problems, you can create a solution to drive measurable results and ROI for their business.

Promotions are the perfect answer for advertisers. They’re ideal for driving new leads and customers, increasing site traffic, and growing email databases. Even the Small Business Administration recommends promotions as a way to incentivize potential customers in response to COVID-19.

Our team has pulled together a list of the 36 top advertisers you need to be talking to right now ( Whether they’re struggling or thriving, you can bring a solution.


We know grocery stores are busier than ever right now, and their businesses have been transformed. In the short-term, they want to create a direct line of communication with consumers. A simple grocery giveaway is more valuable than ever right now. These businesses are strong and core to their community, and a contest like this is a wonderful way for them to give back.


This industry is booming, and things like paint sales are at an all-time high. Be sure to remind these stores that there is still competition in their market, and it’s important to stay front-and-center. DIY photo contests, project supply giveaways, and home project quizzes will drive the right audience, and with an email opt-in, these stores will build a database to reach out with offers.


Telemedicine’s convenient services are especially powerful right now. Mental health, pediatric, pain management, physical therapy — are all providing services virtually and looking for exposure. Help these established services and businesses pivoting to this new line of business with promotions like quizzes to educate their audience.


Right now, everyone is looking at their investment portfolios (or lack thereof). Financial planners will need to work to retain their current customers but might also take advantage of the opportunity to secure new business. People are looking to be financially aware, so quizzes about wealth management will drive interest with prospective customers.


Interest rates are dropping, and homeowners are looking at their options. For an industry without a lot of customer loyalty, now is the time for mortgage companies to look to win new business. A simple sweepstakes for mortgage payments or “Should You Refinance Your Home?” quizzes attract homeowners in need of their services.


With stay-at-home orders across the country, people are turning to their yards and gardens for a source of relaxation and produce. This means garden centers and nurseries are looking for ways to educate people on their services, like curbside pick-up and home delivery. Running a giveaway for a brand new garden or a yard makeover will identify a ton of potential customers — many who have never been into gardening before.


Delivery Services like GrubHub, Instacart and DoorDash are seeing their biggest surge ever. They’re looking for ways to ensure everyone in their market knows about their business and the services they offer. A simple sweepstakes offering credit to these businesses not only educates prospects, but it also develops a list of leads for future follow-up discounts and incentives.


Roofing is a category people will always need. This industry relies on having a full pipeline of qualified leads. Some of these advertisers haven’t normally had to spend money on advertising because business has been so robust, but now they need to be more open to spending for a list of qualified leads. A giveaway of a new free roof will identify homeowners in need of their services, and including a thank-you coupon for a free estimate helps drive additional business.

These eight industries are all in need of promotions right now, and using the resources of your media company, you can help them. Get a free download of Second Street Media’s full list of 36 Advertisers to Call Right Now (, complete with ideas to fill out your sales pipeline during this economic shift.

Matt Coen is the president & co-founder of Second Street.