Use Friends2Follow to be a hero for advertisers

Nov 16, 2020

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Friends2Follow has been working with its customers to help their communities recover by partnering with small businesses that depend on local engagement to survive.

The Frederick (Maryland) News-Post, for instance, used F2F widgets to stream the social media of local restaurants which let the community know they were open and offering curbside service. This prompted other types of companies to use the News-Post to stream vital updates to their customers.

“The curbside program brought in a burst of revenue at a critical time, but the non-monetary benefits to us have been even more significant, because it helped establish us as a creative, supportive partner for local restaurants and the community as a whole,” Publisher Geordie Wilson said. “F2F helped make us heroes with the local restaurants.”

More than 400 media companies in five countries are already using F2F. And now, F2F is offering a self-service function allowing your advertisers to set up, manage and pay for their Friends2Follow services all on their own. Plus, this can be combined with the NEW, FREE coordinated email blitz program. 

Let F2F make you a hero to your advertisers. For more information, contact Reinig Morris, (801) 403-7966 or