Creative Data Services (CDS) and ONEcount CDP announce partnership to leverage valuable publisher data

Jan 16, 2019

This week ONEcount announced a new partnership with Creative Data Services, Inc. (CDS). The new partnership will enable CDS clients to consolidate disparate audience data, derive insights and reach intelligent audience segments with the right message at the right time. Since 1976 CDS has provided an array of fulfillment services and lead generation services to publishing and media companies.

CDS joined ONEcount’s Value-Added Implementation Partner (VIP) program. The program includes marketing technology vendors, e-mail metrics, audience management professionals, and other fulfillment service providers. The complimentary relationships between ONEcount and other vendors yields a powerful synergy for clients to take advantage of.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) essentially consolidate multiple data sources into a single view, which includes: CRM and internal records, e-mail metrics, web analytics, online accounts (social/single-sign-on), and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or Google Marketing Cloud. Data is collected to track and identify users, and then give insights from a holistic view of customer journeys. Derived insights help define intelligent segments and optimize campaign targeting.

“The direct connection between ONEcount’s intuitive technology and CDS’ solutions makes it easy for clients to optimize campaign targeting, subscriber acquisition and retention at an affordable cost,” said Jeff Heine, president, Creative Data Services, Inc. “ONEcount compliments CDS’ cost-savings focus and industry experience which is what sets us apart from other fulfillment companies.”

When a subscriber renews a subscription via an online form, the data is transferred to CDS’ fulfillment database and also updated in ONEcount. The bi-directional integration between ONEcount and disparate databases gives publishers and media companies powerful tools to effectively reach users across the ecosystem.

Audience Identity & Segmentation
In today’s competitive digital landscape using multifaceted segment criteria is a necessity to reach audiences with relevant advertising. Similar to most Data Management Platforms (DMPs), ONEcount creates audience segments based on behavior. To compete against Google and other large ad networks, clients can sync their valuable first-party data with ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). Any data added to the CDP can be used to define segments.

Over-grown digital marketing tech stacks are now known to create challenges across the industry. “Web development resources are strained more than ever due to the requirements to install and maintain upwards of 15 tools used to track and target website visitors,” said Sean Fulton, Vice President of Technology at ONEcount.

ONEcount is an all-in-one solution with a host of capabilities that would otherwise require multiple vendors for a collectively high cost. Deploying multiple technologies on a single website also has been known to cause problems with site speed and security.

The ONEcount platform is designed to simply report all relevant data in a single source of truth. Access to consolidated customer records have helped clients efficiently pass media audits, maintain GDPR compliance and secured data management practices.

About Creative Data Services, Inc. (CDS)
Creative Data Services provides Audience management and fulfillment Solutions for Publishers. Established in 1976, our clients include large multi-title publishing companies as well as small independent publishers. Beyond mere cost savings, CDS is set apart from the competition by our ability to provide white glove service to your staff. Company President Jeff Heine takes a hands-on role with every client as he will with you. You’ll never get taken for granted or lost in the shuffle at CDS. To learn more about Creative Data Services, Inc. (CDS) visit or call 630-739-0900.

About ONEcount
ONEcount’s customer data platform (CDP) provides a cross-tactic view of customers through a single, intuitive dashboard reporting activities and engagement across all integrations. Consolidated analytics have aided clients in the development of audiences and campaign optimization. New insights can be easily derived from ONEcount dashboards and used to create intelligent segments. Seamlessly target messaging, configured directly within the platform, via popup interstitials, e-mail blasts, ad banners and more. To discover the advantages ONEcount has to offer, visit or call 203-665-6211.