New launch a game changer for special section revenue

Jan 16, 2019

Portland, OR & New York, NY – Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. and Pulse Research have joined forces to offer publishers a targeted solution for increasing special section revenue. Pulse Teasers + Metro Templated Sections combines turnkey special sections with coordinated data-driven marketing teasers to alleviate demands on production teams and attract the attention of advertisers.

Pulse Teasers grab the interest of local advertisers with information about the potential number of customers seeking to buy their products and services. Teasers can be shared by sales teams via email, or can be easily attached to the special section promotional flyers and ads Metro provides with every section to show advertisers “what’s in it for them.”

Templated Special Sections (TSS) are print and online themed sections that are written, designed and ready to sell for over 24 top-selling categories. Print sections feature designated ad spots in various sizes, as well as copyright-free editorial features that can incorporate native advertising. Mobile-responsive online sections feature five key ad positions on each page and can be co-branded with publication logos and customized to include local features, special offers, videos and photo galleries. Print and online sections may be purchased in combination or separately.

“Special sections offer sizable revenue potential for publications, but their success depends largely on effective execution. We are excited to provide Metro TSS and Pulse Teasers, two proven successful product offerings, together as a way to help publications close the revenue gap on their special section programs and power more ad sales. With Pulse Teasers + Metro TSS, sales teams can really show local businesses that these special sections are advertising opportunities they cannot afford to miss,” said Robert Zimmerman, president and CEO for Metro.

“Ad reps love teasers. They give the ad rep ‘what to say’ and start the conversation with a business about the opportunity of advertising in a special section. Pulse Research is excited to partner with Metro to provide publishers with an effective, simple presentation and content solution that will quickly increase special section advertising revenue,” said John W. Marling, president of Pulse Research.

For information and a short two-minute video about Pulse Teasers, go to: For TSS details and theme schedule, visit


About Metro Creative Graphics

For over a century, Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. has been the leading provider of advertising, creative and editorial resources designed to help news media companies create, sell and profit with their print, online, social and mobile products. With an unparalleled dedication to providing the finest resources available for ready-to-use images, spec ads, ideas, stock-quality photos, logos/trademarks, auto manufacturer photos, marketing/sales materials, copyright-free editorial features, print templated sections, online e-sections, specialty websites and groundbreaking digital ad development tools — plus custom image, ad design and editorial services — Metro continues its dedication to serving the creative and ad sales needs of today's news media companies.


About Pulse Research

Founded in 1985 by a former newspaper publisher, Pulse is the industry leader in providing the publishing industry with cutting-edge sales programs based on market research. In addition to conducting a twice-yearly national purchasing survey and customized market research and surveys, Pulse provides sales teams the tools they need to generate new revenue by successfully competing for local advertising dollars.