Time is running short on serial story

Jun 5, 2013

COLUMBIA, MO—June is the final month to begin publishing this year’s Reading Across the Nation serialized story at no cost. More than 100 National Newspaper Association newspapers have taken advantage of the opportunity to use “Manny Kicks Long Ear Lore,” an eight-chapter story for young readers. 

This is the fifth year the National Newspaper Association Foundation has coordinated a Reading Across the Nation project. The project kicked off in January, offering newspapers six months of free access to the story and companion teacher guide. 

In the story, Manny seeks to set the record straight on mules. Over the years, his kind has gotten stuck with a bad rep. They are believed to be lazy, ugly and dumb. Manny has had it up to his long ears with this pile of mule hooey. 

During the summer, the Reading Across the Nation project offers newspapers the chance to connect with young readers at home and through local libraries’ summer reading programs. It also presents new revenue opportunities. Many newspapers approach non-traditional advertisers to sponsor a chapter or the series. 

To download the materials, visit www.mo-nie.com and use code: nnaread. This code offers access to the eight chapter features, a promotional ad to let readers know when you’ll begin publishing the series, the teacher guide and rules for publication. 

For more information, contact Sara Walsh at sarawalsh@nna.org or 573-777-4980 or Dawn Kitchell at Missouri Press, dawn.kitchell@gmail.com or 636-932-4301.

“Manny Kicks Long Ear Lore” author Chris Stuckenschneider, wrote the serials “Patriotic Pals, Tails of the Civil War,” “Pressing West,” and  “Twist of Fate: The Miracle Colt and His Friends.” Learn more at www.cstuckenschneider.com.